A world where everyone everywhere fully enjoys their human rights

GANHRI strategy spams over a three-year plan updated gathering the latest needs, trends and developments occurred within the alliance in the previous strategic period.

The process is participatory and engages members, partners and other stakeholders.

The strategy defines the roadmap that makes it possible for members, partners and staff to advance together towards the fulfillment of the GANHRI mission.
The current strategic plan covers the period 2017-2019 a new plan (2020-2022) is being developed and will be formally adopted at the General Assembly in March 2020

GANHRIs Strategic Plan 2017-2019

GANHRI’s Strategic Plan 2017-2019 was adopted at the March 2017 GANHRI General Meeting. Its primary aim is to increase the visibility of GANHRI and its members’ impact at the international and regional levels.

Key Considerations

Key Considerations

Over the years, GANHRI has managed to achieve solid results in the promotion of human rights, especially through the coordinated engagement of NHRIs in the areas of women, disability, ageing, and supporting the enhancement of the effective functioning of the UN treaty body system.

GANHRI and its members have been increasingly recognised as critical actors in other areas as well, including the Global Compact on Migration, and the UPR Review Mechanism. At the institutional level, the current strategic period has seen GANHRI emerging as a well-founded organisation. This has included the establishment of a permanent Head Office at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, with multiple staff including administrative capacity, and a functional website.

This provides the organisation with a sound initial basis for further consolidation aimed at servicing the members even more effectively, which should materialise in the strategic period 2020 – 2022.