Strategic Framework

A world where everyone everywhere fully enjoys their human rights

Strategic Plan 2020-2022

The current strategic plan, formally adopted at the GANHRI 2020 General Assembly, covers the period 2020-2022.

GANHRI strategies generally spam over a three-year plan updated gathering the latest needs, trends and developments occurred within the alliance in the previous strategic period. The process is participatory and engages members, partners and other stakeholders. The strategy defines the roadmap that makes it possible for members, partners and staff to advance together towards the fulfillment of the GANHRI mission.

The Strategy 2020 – 2022 has been developed, in a multi-phase consultative process initiated in May 2019, involving the GANHRI Head Office, Chair and Secretary’s offices (the Task Force), as well as the Bureau and its observers and with the facilitation of an external consultant.

The overall Outcome of the Strategy is that GANHRI, by contributing to establishing, strengthening, supporting, bringing together, coordinating the joint efforts of and representing its members at global level, has significantly contributed to the effective promotion and protection of human rights.


Strategy 2020-2022

Throughout this strategic period GANHRI wishes to:

1. Contribute towards the establishment, strengthening, accreditation, and ongoing capacity development of NHRIs, as well as their protection when under threat

2. Consolidate itself as the global alliance of NHRIs, bringing together at the global level its members to collaborate, engage and learn

3. Bring the voice of its member NHRIs to relevant United Nations and other global fora

4. Operate at an even higher level as a professional, effective, well-governed and efficient organization



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