Strategic Framework

A world where everyone everywhere fully enjoys their human rights

GANHRI strategy spams over a three-year plan updated gathering the latest needs, trends and developments occurred within the alliance in the previous strategic period. The process is participatory and engages members, partners and other stakeholders. The strategy defines the roadmap that makes it possible for members, partners and staff to advance together towards the fulfillment of the GANHRI mission. The current strategic plan covers the period 2020-2022.

The Strategy 2020 – 2022 has been developed, in a multi-phase consultative process initiated in May 2019, involving the GANHRI Head Office, Chair and Secretary’s offices (the Task Force), as well as the Bureau and its observers and with the facilitation of an external consultant. In June 2019, the Task Force met for the first time with the regional Chairpersons and the regional secretariats’ coordinators for a facilitated kick-off process to decide on the core elements of the Strategy. A questionnaire-based consultation process engaging all of the A- and B-accredited NHRIs to provide their comments and feedback has resulted in significant feedback, giving shape and form to the framework during the drafting process. Finally, at various stages, relevant external stakeholders, including UN bodies and other GANHRI partners, have been consulted.