Tripartite Partnership

GANHRI’s strength relies greatly on the solidity of its partnerships. As a convener between NHRIs and United Nations mechanisms, GANHRI has built strong bonds with several organizations over the years to maximize synergies and bring NHRIs’ expertise to develop sound international policies on human rights.

Tripartite Partnership GANHRI-UNDP-OHCHR

The TPP-NHRIs aims to strengthen NHRIs in their capacity to promote and protect human rights, individually and through their regional and global networks resulting in increased fulfilment of human rights for all people.

UNDP, GANHRI, and OHCHR, having enjoyed a strategic Tripartite Partnership (TPP) since 2011, agreed in October 2016 on a vision for scaling up joint support to national human rights institutions, GANHRI and its four NHRI regional networks.6 Building on this vision, the leadership of the three partners signed a Letter of Intent on 27 February 2017, formalising their commitment to enhance their cooperation in strengthening support to NHRIs at global, regional and national levels.

This includes the following efforts:  

  1. Strategic cooperation in programmatic and exchange of technical expertise across the parties, and facilitating the participation of the wider UN system towards the strengthening of NHRIs, their Global Alliance and four regional networks, and furthering their engagement with international human rights mechanisms and relevant fora at the international, regional, and national levels
  2. Support the institutional effectiveness of GANHRI, regional networks and NHRIs in country by providing joint technical assistance and resources as relevant for further cooperation and in country support on common context-specific thematic priorities such as NHRIs as early warning mechanisms; operating in fragility contexts; implementing, follow-up and review of the SDGs and linkages with international human rights mechanisms; promoting and protecting the rights of in-focus specific groups, including persons with disabilities, the elderly, women, migrants, refugees and those deprived of their liberty, amongst others;  
  3. Recognizing the different mandates of the respective UN entitiesprovide an integrated partnership to support UN human rights assistance to NHRIs in particular in crisis contexts, with the aim of streamlining assessment of needs, planning and delivery to improve overall impact of support to NHRIs at global, regional and country levels based on innovative approaches, joint resource mobilization to fund new and ongoing initiatives and the joint generation and provision of knowledge, human capacity and expert technical advice to national partners, as well as UN, regional organizations, and international leaders in the field; and   
  4. Jointly advocate with Member States, UN bodies, private sector and other civil society actors for more coherent and predictable support for strengthening NHRIs, for more policy and operational effectiveness based on national ownership and for furthering the synergies between the human rights, development, peace and security pillars and the humanitarian nexus domestically and at the regional and global levels. 

The programmatic framework and current workplan is supported  by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

COVID-19 study highlights the imperative role of NHRIs in protecting human rights throughout the pandemic

COVID-19 study highlights the imperative role of NHRIs in protecting human rights throughout the pandemic

The objective of the study, commissioned by the GANHRI-OHCHR-UNDP Tripartite Partnership (TPP) in support of National Human Rights Institutions, was to provide a collaborative analysis to share good practices, experiences and lessons learned pertaining to NHRIs and their response to COVID-19.

COVID-19 study
2021 Tri-Partite Partnership Annual Review Meeting and Partnership Platform

2021 Tri-Partite Partnership Annual Review Meeting and Partnership Platform

During the 2021 TPP meeting, a virtual knowledge exchange was held on NHRIs on the frontlines of the of the UN Call to Action for Human Rights – Climate action and the right to a healthy environment. Nearly 200 participants discussed the direct and indirect impacts of climate change on the full enjoyment of human rights, including social, economic, and cultural rights as well as civil and political rights.

TPP meeting 2021
Other partners

Other partners

GANHRI has, and continues to, forge global partnerships in support of NHRIs, with UN agencies like UN Women, UNICEF and UNCHR, as well as with civil society organisations, NGOs and academia.