The purpose of financial management in the operation of all GANHRI activities is to fulfill the organization’s mission in the most effective and efficient manner and to remain accountable to stakeholders.

GANHRI commits to providing accurate and complete financial data for internal and external use by the GANHRI Finance Committee, the GANHRI Chairperson and the Bureau.

GANHRI is constituted as a non-profit organization under Swiss law, recognised of public utility. The GANHRI Statute defines the objectives of GANHRI, its legal powers, the composition of the governing body, the conduct of elections and general meetings, membership, and so on. According to the GANHRI Statute, the Bureau is ultimately responsible for the financial management of all activities.

The GANHRI Bureau is empowered to act generally in the name of GANHRI and to carry out the purpose and functions of GANHRI. The Bureau appoints a Finance Committee from members of GANHRI, consisting of one member nominated from each Regional Network for a total of four members. The Finance Committee, with the exception of the Chairperson, shall act as Treasurer of GANHRI.