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Consultancy for the development of the

GANHRI Knowledge Management/Sharing and Digital Transformation Framework



Title:                                        Consultant

Type of Consultancy:             Home-based

Term of Contract:                Individual Contract (competitive procedure)

Duration:                              25/30 working days (over three months) 

1.         Background and context

The Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI) is the worldwide membership-based network of national human rights institutions (NHRIs).

GANHRI promotes and strengthens NHRIs to be in compliance with the Paris Principles and provides leadership for the promotion and protection of human rights.

GANHRI provides a framework for NHRIs to work together and cooperate at the international level. We coordinate a wide range of activities, including annual meetings, international conferences, networks, training and capacity building.

GANHRI works in close partnership with the United Nations Human Rights Office – specifically with the National Institutions and Regional Mechanisms Section (NIRMS) – and with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). We also work closely with the four Regional Networks of NHRIs in Africa (NANHRI), the Americas (RINDHCA), the Asia Pacific (APF) and Europe (ENNHRI).

GANHRI is registered in Switzerland as a not-for-profit association. Our Head Office is located in Geneva at the Palais des Nations.


GANHRI is a global network of more than 110 member NHRIs from all over the world, working in four languages and collaborating with partners from the UN and civil society. It is fundamental that we are able to connect our members and facilitate continuous exchange with and between them.

The GANHRI Strategic Plan 2020-2022 identifies the need for GANHRI to continue to act as a ‘knowledge broker’ for our members. Objective 2 outlines GANHRI’s role to facilitate collaboration, engagement and support to members by sharing experience-based knowledge, in order to inform global policy debate and effective action at the national level.

The Strategic Plan highlights the importance of utilising new methodologies and technologies to promote inclusion in the exchange of knowledge and to broaden the participation of members in GANHRI’s activities.

Between November 2015 and March 2016, an independent consultant commissioned by UNDP conducted a Knowledge Management Needs Assessment for GANHRI. The purpose was to identify needs and gaps with regards to policies, practices, workflows and tools for knowledge and information production and sharing among GANHRI stakeholders, at the global and regional levels, and internally among GANHRI office bearers, personnel and members. It also reviewed the knowledge products and services provided to NHRIs.

The final report of the Knowledge Management Needs Assessment included 23 recommendations to help GANHRI address the needs and gaps identified through the assessment. One of the recommendations concerned the development of online Communities of Practices (COP) for individuals to exchange and discuss issues with peer practitioners. In theory, GANHRI with a geographically dispersed network of thousands of individual NHRI staff across the world, should benefit from such an approach.

To implement this recommendation, GANHRI established an online knowledge management and e-learning platform on FUSE ( The platform, which is accessible through a member login, has primarily been used by the regional network of NHRIs in the Asia Pacific (APF) for e-learning purposes and, more recently, by GANHRI for information exchange among member NHRIs on their work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result of COVID-19 restrictions, GANHRI has used different online tools to engage with and support members since the start of the pandemic, including:

  • Leading webinars on key human rights issues using MS Teams/Zoom
  • Establishing and leading an online Community of Practice on FUSE
  • Creating dedicated SharePoint sites to facilitate online interaction between members for institutional meetings (e.g. governance bodies, conferences, general assemblies)
  • Updating and improving our website (
  • Preparing a regular electronic newsletter to share news, events and other information with members and partners.

It is essential for GANHRI to continue to incorporate digital technology across our work. COVID-19 has highlighted the urgent need to achieve a greater degree of digitalisation and build a solid and secure online presence for GANHRI. An improved use of technology will support our work to enhance knowledge-sharing and collaboration, as well as broaden the use of our information assets. It will also help us broaden the  participation and contribution of our members.

Digital transformation is a necessity. We want to adapt to the rapidly changing environment in order offer to our members new tools and platforms to facilitate their interaction and engagement with GANHRI and with one another.

2.     Scope of the consultancy

GANHRI wishes to contract a consultant to develop a Knowledge Management/Sharing and Digital Transformation Framework. This consultancy will assess GANHRI’s current knowledge management systems and practices and develop a framework for the organisation, including all required protocols for information gathering and dissemination. The Framework will be implemented through actions that strengthen GANHRI’s knowledge generation, knowledge use, and the enabling environment for learning and knowledge-sharing.

The consultant will also assess the current status of GANHRI’s “digital activities” and suggest new ways/tools for it to become more inclusive and participatory.

3.     Details of the assignment

  • Design an Integrated Knowledge Management/Sharing Framework for GANHRI ensuring that all critical components of its programmes and projects are covered.

The Framework shall include Policy and Principles ensuring that the required tools, procedures and training for capturing, contributing, retrieving and dissemination of knowledge are in place;

  • Develop a Digital Transformation Framework based on an analysis of the current use of information technologies within GANHRI, with recommendations on tools and strategies to enhance inclusion and participation among our members.

The Framework shall support GANHRI to define and meet WCAG (web content accessibility guidelines) compliance in all its digital platforms; establish a privacy policy and cookie templates; and establish secure lines of communications between NHRIs and GANHRI on sensitive issues.

4.     Projected deliverables

  • A Knowledge Management Framework – including Policy, Principles and Protocols – that can be fully implemented
  • Concrete recommendations and suggested tools for the implementation of the GANHRI Digital Transformation

5.     Activities and Timelines (To be completed by the applicant as per the proposal)


  Description/Milestone Estimated Time to Complete Detailed Activity & Output


6.   Methodology

  • Questionnaire and interviews with GANHRI team, partners and NHRI users
  • Review of existing documentations/tools
  • Review of the Knowledge Management Needs Assessment report
  • Review of the current FUSE platform, GANHRI website and other online tools used by GANHRI
  • Analysis of the current practices on knowledge management and digitalization.

The consultant shall submit, together with the application, a note which provides an overview of how the consultant understands the Terms of Reference (ToR) and intends to deliver the expected tasks. This note should include timelines for completing all the tasks the consultant will undertake during the assignment.

After an initial meeting with GANHRI, the successful applicant will identify those individuals and partners to be consulted and propose a more detailed methodology for the assignment. In addition, work outputs should be shared regularly with the GANHRI team to ensure alignment between the ToRs and actual work completed.

7.   Implementation Arrangements

The consultant will work collaboratively with the GANHRI team. The Projects Coordinator and the Operations Manager will provide the necessary oversight. The consultant is expected to be fully self-sufficient in terms of office equipment, supplies and communication.

8.   Timeframe

This consultancy is scheduled to run from April to June 2021 and should not exceed 30 working days in total.

  1. Required Skills and Experience
  • Master’s Degree in Information Sciences, Knowledge Management, Communication or related fields
  • At least five (5) years of experience in Knowledge Management within NGOs and other sectors
  • Background training and working knowledge in research writing, emerging technologies and methodologies for knowledge management and communication would be highly desirable

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To apply for these mandates, (1) complete the online survey) and (2) submit the application form in Word format, which can be accessed under the specific mandate in the table below. Application forms are mandate-specific and candidates wishing to apply for more than one mandate must submit a mandate-specific Word application form for each mandate applied for.

Only nationals of the States belonging to the regional groups , for which specific vacancies have been advertised, are eligible for the Working Group mandates. Please refer to the list of theUnited Nations regional groups of Member States.


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Application deadline 13 Apr 2021

Secretariat note verbale of 30 March 2021
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Call for applications for the Independent Expert on the effects of foreign debt and other related international financial obligations of States on the full enjoyment of all human rights, particularly economic, social and cultural rights (additional vacancy)
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العربية | 中文 | English | Français | русский | Español

Note: This is an unforeseen vacancy due to the resignation of the current mandate holder.


To apply for this mandate, (1) complete the online survey and (2) submit the application form in Word format, which can be accessed under the specific mandate in the table below. Application forms are mandate-specific and candidates wishing to apply for more than one mandate must submit a mandate-specific Word application form for each mandate applied for.

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Application deadline 11 May 2021

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