Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions

The Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions brings together and supports national human rights institutions to promote and protect human rights



A world where everyone everywhere fully enjoys their human rights



GANHRI unites, promotes and strengthens NHRIs to operate in line with the Paris Principles and provides leadership in the promotion and protection of human rights

Principles and Values

Principles and Values

GANHRI as a member-based global alliance, works in accordance with the Principles as laid down in its Statute

Our Identity

Representing more than 110 NHRIs, their members and staff across all regions, GANHRI is one of the largest human rights networks worldwide. With a Head Office in Geneva and a governance structure representing NHRIs around the world, GANHRI is truly global.

Enriched by its diversity, GANHRI works in close synergy with the four regional networks of NHRIs in Africa, the Americas, the Asia Pacific and Europe, creating one comprehensive structure of independent networks.

GANHRI is recognised, and is a trusted partner, of the United Nations. It has established strong relationships with the UN Human Rights Office, UNDP and other UN agencies, as well as with other international and regional organisations, NGOs, civil society and academia.

Our Theory of Change

GANHRI, with and through its members, positively impacts on human rights globally when:

  • NHRIs are established and accredited as independent Paris Principle compliant institutions in all countries of the world;
  • NHRIs are supported, strengthened and protected to independently and effectively fulfil their mandate of promotion and protection of human rights;
  • NHRIs collaborate and share experience and knowledge regionally and globally;
  • NHRIs can speak with unified voices and influence the global policy agenda;
  • NHRIs contribute towards a world where everyone everywhere fully enjoys their human rights.


CRPD Committee- Call for submissions Draft Guidelines on Deinstitutionalization including in emergencies

The Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities invites all relevant stakeholders, including national human rights institutions, to provide written submissions on the draft Guidelines on Deinstitutionalization, including in emergencies by 30 June 2022.

GANHRI leadership meets in Doha to reflect on vision and priorities for the new term 

The GANHRI leadership met in Doha, Qatar, for a two-day retreat, to discuss vision and priorities for the term of the new GANHRI leadership.  
Organised at the initiative of GANHRI Chairperson Maryam Al Attiyah, the retreat provided the Chairperson, Secretary, and Geneva-based Representative and Head Office a timely opportunity to share vision and expectations, review GANHRI’s operational context and discuss progress and challenges against GANHRI’s Strategic Plan 2020-2022. 

Supporting NHRIs address growing challenges for human rights defenders

National human rights institutions around the world will be able to access practical tools and support to strengthen their efforts in protecting and promoting human rights defenders and civic space, as part of a Global Action Plan released today by GANHRI. 

Overview of GANHRI’s engagement at the HRC49

During the 49th Session of the Human Rights Council, GANHRI highlighted the importance of the Global Compact for Migration, called for the respect of international humanitarian and international human rights law in Ukraine and renewed its commitment in addressing climate change along with UN partners.

GANHRI recalls applicable international standards as Guatemala moves to select its next Human Rights Ombudsperson

Process to select and appoint head of NHRI must be clear, transparent and participatory. This is essential to ensure independence of, and public confidence in, the NHRI. As Guatemala moves to select new PDH Ombudsperson, we encourage authorities to apply international standards, and remain available to offer advice and support in this critical process together with UN partners.

Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing, 12th session

The 12th session of the Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing will be held from 11 to 14 April 2022. GANHRI WG on Ageing encourages all NHRI members to actively participate in this important global process.