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GANHRI 2023 Annual Meeting

The GANHRI 2023 Annual Meeting will be held in Geneva on 14-16 March 2023.

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Learning call: BHR WG- Human Rights Defenders

The Global Alliance for Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI) Working Group on Business and Human Rights is organising a Learning call to discuss the protection of Human Rights Defenders working on Business and Human Rights.

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UNHCR-GANHRI Virtual Roundtable on Statelessness

UNHCR and GANHRI are jointly organising a virtual roundtable to explore the potential of increased cooperation between national human rights institutions and UNHCR in preventing and responding to statelessness.

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2022 International Human Rights Conference

The NHRI of Korea is co-hosting the 2022 Conference on ‘Drafting a Convention on the Rights of Older Persons’, on 23 November with the European Union and Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights
Institutions (APF).

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Protecting environmental human rights defenders and promoting meaningful participation in climate talks – The role of National Human Rights Institutions

This symposium is hosted by GANHRI, in collaboration with OHCHR and UNDP under the framework of the Tripartite Partnership (TPP) and aims at providing a platform for NHRIs to share good practices and experiences on the protection of environmental human rights defenders.

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