NHRI Accreditation Database

The GANHRI Sub-Committee on Accreditation (SCA) report published at the end of each SCA session, compiles the recommendations and decisions taken in relation to NHRIs applying for accreditation/re-accreditation and their compliance with Paris Principles.
The NHRI Accreditation Database collects excerpts from the SCA reports since 2017 and organises them against the requirements set out by the Paris Principles and the General Observations offering valuable insights into the criteria that ensure the effectiveness and independence of each GANHRI member.
The NHRI Accreditation Database serves multiple purposes:
  • An overview of recommendations, thus offering NHRIs useful guidance and orientation, as they apply for accreditation or re-accreditation, and work to implement recommendations in their national context
  • It helps maintain consistency and coherence, whilst documenting the evolution in the SCA’s jurisprudence, thus contributing to legal certainty and transparency of the accreditation process.
  • It provides NHRIs and all stakeholders and partners a clear overview of current SCA practice, enhancing transparency, objectivity, and credibility of the accreditation process.


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The database has been developed by the GANHRI Head Office under the framework of the Strong NHRIs Project funded by the European Union.


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