Sub-Committee on Accreditation


GANHRI’s peer-based accreditation process recognises the fact that NHRIs, through their shared experience, are best placed to review and support each other.

The members of the Sub-Committee on Accreditation (SCA) include one NHRI representative from each of the four regional groupings.

The current SCA members are drawn from the:

  • Conseil national des droits de l’homme of Morocco (Africa)
  • Procuraduria de Derechos Humanos of Guatemala (Americas)
  • Independent Commission for Human Rights of Palestine (Asia Pacific)
  • Commission nationale consultative des droits de l’homme of France (Europe).

SCA members are voted to the position by their respective regional network and confirmed by the GANHRI General Assembly. They serve a term of three years, which can be renewed. Regional networks are also required to appoint an alternate member to participate in sessions where the existing member is unavailable or has a conflict of interest.

SCA sessions

The SCA meets in Geneva twice a year to consider accreditation applications. However, while travel restrictions remain in place because of COVID-19, SCA sessions may be conducted online.

In 2021, the SCA will convene two sessions: the first in June and the second in October.

The United Nations Human Rights Office – through the National Institutions and Regional Mechanisms Section – is a permanent observer and serves as Secretariat to the SCA.

The four regional networks are invited to attend SCA sessions as observers. In addition, a staff member of GANHRI Head Office, designated by the GANHRI Chairperson, also attends SCA sessions as a permanent observer.

In conducting the accreditation sessions, SCA members review information submitted by the applicant NHRI. They also conduct a phone interview with the NHRI to follow up on certain issues.

In addition to the material provided by the NHRI, SCA members also consider other sources of information, including reports submitted by civil society organisations, UN mechanisms and publicly available information.

Once the SCA has considered an application, it presents a report and recommendations to the GANHRI Bureau, which has responsibility for making the final decision on the accreditation of NHRIs.