Working Group on Business and Human Rights

The Working Group on Business and Human Rights was established by GANHRI in March 2009. It held its first meeting in Copenhagen in August 2009. 

In 2011, the UN Human Rights Council welcomed the important role of NHRIs established in accordance with the Paris Principles in relation to business and human rights, and encouraged them to further develop their capacity to fulfill that role effectively.

WG updates for GANHRI 2021 Annual Meeting


The purpose of the Working Group is to:

• Create capacity building actions for NHRI and regional networks on business and human rights, including in the priority areas identified by NHRIs;

Strengthen NHRI advocacy in international and regional events on business and human rights and enhance NHRI visibility and communication on relevant information and best practices on business and human rights.

Current Membership

The Working Group is composed of 8 GANHRI members; namely two voting members from each of the four GANHRI regional networks, and a representative of the GANHRI Chairperson designated by him or her, supported by the GANHRI Head Office:

Morocco – Conseil National des Droits de l’Homme
Malawi – Malawi Human Rights Commission
Portugal – Provedor de Justicia
Germany – German Institute for Human Rights (Chair)
Bolivia – Defensoria del Pueblo
Ecuador – Defensor del Pueblo
India – National Human Rights Commission
Philippines – Commission on Human Rights

Additional Resources


BHR e-learning for NHRIs

A course designed to introduce learners to the field of business and human rights and to consider how national human rights institutions can apply their mandate to business and human rights.

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Edinburgh Declaration

In 2010, the Edinburgh Declaration articulated NHRIs and their role and commitments in advancing human rights in the context of business activities and emphazised the important role they can play in addressing corporate-related human rights challenges, both at the international, regional and national level.

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CHRP National Guidance on BHR

The the Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines launched the National Guidance Document on Business and Human Rights co-developed with other CSOs and members of the academe. This guidance document seeks to address the gap in the private sector’s understanding of their role in the respect, protection and fulfilment of human rights in the country, particularly the importance and relevance of embedding gender perspectives in their business operations.

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