At HRC53, GANHRI voiced concern about the impact of climate-induced displacement on human rights

28th June 2023GANHRI delivered a statement at the 53rd Human Rights Council in response to the report of the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights in the context of climate change. 

The number of people displaced across international borders due to climate change is rapidly increasing, as the effects of climate change become more severe.

We expressed concern about at the impact on the enjoyment of human rights due to climate-induced displacement, as documented in the SR report, and in particular on the lack of adequate legal protection afforded to persons displaced across international borders due to climate change. 

We shared the Special Rapporteur’s recommendation to States and UN agencies to develop national and international legal frameworks that effectively protect the human rights of persons displaced across international borders and address the unique challenges they face throughout their journey. 

Moreover, GANHRI stressed the importance of integrating a gender-based approach in all measures addressing climate-induced displacement, as women and girls face unique and exacerbated vulnerabilities. 

Finally, we reaffirmed the vital role of NHRIs in promoting and protecting the rights of persons affected by climate migration recalling the 51st Human Rights Council resolution 51/31 which recognised the critical contributions that NHRIs can offer in addressing the human rights impact of climate change.

GANHRI and its Caucus on Human Rights and Climate Change will continue to support the mandate, and work with partners to offer sustainable solutions to climate change, that are people and human rights centered.

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