Webinar on the Universal Periodic Review


The UPR process provides for the participation of all relevant stakeholders, including national human rights institutions (NHRIs).

The Paris Principles recognize that monitoring and engaging with the international human rights system, in particular the Human Rights Council and its mechanisms -Special Procedures and Universal Periodic Review-, can be an effective tool for NHRIs in the promotion and protection of human rights domestically.

NHRIs play a key bridging role between the national and international systems.

Since 2019, GANHRI organizes the webinar at least once a year, reflecting the UPR reporting calendar and deadlines for NHRI reporting.


The webinar series for NHRIs on the UPR is organized by GANHRI, in collaboration with UPR Info and OHCHR. It is a unique opportunity to join leading UPR experts in Geneva and other NHRIs that are preparing their submissions for the UPR.

The webinar is designed to assist NHRIs in the preparation of their participation in the UPR process. It is also an opportunity for NHRIs that are preparing for their UPR review to meet and discuss with their peers their experiences, lessons and recommendations.


« The Universal Periodic Review is a critical tool of engagement in our country-level work. We have many good practices and successful experiences – even in the most difficult circumstances. We pledge today to step up our efforts. I will soon issue new practical guidance to every UN country leader around the world to strengthen our platforms of cooperation to address human rights challenges utilising the power and potential of the Universal Periodic Review. » UN Secretary General, Statement at the HRC 43

Expected Outcomes

Representatives from UPR Info and OHCHR share their recommendations on:

  • How to optimize NHRI submissions to the UPR with key information
  • How to work with SMART and advanced recommendations
  • How to select the most relevant topics for the NHRI report in coordination with CSOs.
  • Share technical guidance for submissions (rules for submissions)
  • Respond questions on deadlines
  • Benefits of participation for fully compliant NHRIs during the HRC session

Good practices are then shared by NHRIs who have recently participated in the UPR process.

The webinar helps NHRIs to prepare for their participation in the process, including in the reporting, and learn at the same time from other NHRIs that have successfully engaged with the UPR mechanism.

Our participants 

  • The first webinar was carried out in September 2019 and targeted NHRIs that reported in the 36th UPR cycle:
    • NHRIs of Liberia, Croatia and Honduras attended
    • NHRIs of Canada and Philippines shared their experience.
  • The second webinar took place in February 2020 and targeted NHRIs that reported in the 37th and 38th UPR session:
    • NHRIs of Nepal, Georgia, Belgium and Denmark attended.
    • NHRI Kenya participated as good-practice sharer.
  • Our latest (and first fully virtual) webinar was in February 2021 targeting NHRIs that are due to report at the 39thand 40th UPR session, and the final session of the third UPR cycle.
    • 19 participants from 6 different NHRIs joined from Greece, Samoa, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania and Uganda.
    • NHRIs of Nepal, Kenya and Liberia shared their successful experiences on reporting to the UPR and their participation in UPR-Info pre-sessions.

How to participate

Contact the GANHRI Head Office for information: info@ganhri.org

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