Universal Periodic Review: Tips for engagement at country level highlight critical and unique role of national human rights institutions

The UPR Tips for engagement at country level provide useful advice on how NHRIs and civil society as well as Parliament – by engaging through all stages of the UPR process – can support states’ progress in the implementation of its human rights obligations and commitments under the Sustainable Development Goals.

NHRIs are essential actors in the promotion and protection of human rights at national and global level. They have a distinct and complementary role to that of states, civil society and UN bodies and mechanisms.

NHRIs have a fundamental role when engaging with the UPR in light of their independent status and their ability to offer evidence-based and authoritative information on the national human rights situation, and to follow-up to and promote implementation of relevant recommendations in-country.

The Paris Principles require NHRIs to cooperation with the international human rights system, as a means for monitoring and reporting on the implementation of states’ human rights obligations and commitments.

The General Assembly and the Human Rights Council in their respective resolutions on NHRIs have welcomed this important role of NHRIs and have continuously encouraged all NHRIs to contribute to UN mechanisms and processes, including the UPR.

The UPR Tips also acknowledge that NHRIs and NGOs may be subject to acts of intimidation or reprisals as a result of their cooperation with the United Nations.

GANHRI supports its member NHRIs at all stages of their engagement with the UPR process. This includes an array of capacity building activities, including UPR-focused webinars and trainings to convey information about the UPR and NHRI engagement opportunities, and to provide a platform for NHRIs to exchange experiences and identify good practice with their peers.

GANHRI welcomes the long-standing and close cooperation and coordination with the UN Human Rights Office’s UPR Branch and UPR Info in supporting NHRIs and other national-level stakeholders.

The UPR Tips on engagement at country level are available here:



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