“The SCA notes that the Ombudsman’s budget has increased regularly for the exception of 2018-19 due to the application of austerity measures to all public bodies.

The SCA emphasizes that, to function effectively, an NHRI must be provided with an appropriate level of funding in order to guarantee its independence and its ability to freely determine its priorities and activities. It must also have the power to allocate funding according to its priorities. An insufficient budget can limit an NHRI from reaching its full effectiveness.

The SCA encourages the Ombudsman to continue to advocate for an appropriate level of funding to effectively carry out its mandate.

Further, in accordance with section 9 of the enabling law, the budget of the Ombudsman is paid from moneys appropriated for that purpose. The SCA has noted that the law does not specify the source of the funds.

The SCA reiterates that national law should indicate from where the budget of the NHRI is allocated. Government funding should be allocated to a separate budget line applicable only to the NHRI and should be regularly released and in a manner that does not impact adversely on its functions, day-to-day management and retention of staff. The SCA encourages the Ombudsman to advocate for appropriate amendments to its law in order to specify the source of its funding.”