“Section 16(b) of the Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone Act (the Law) excludes the HRCSL from investigating any matter involving human rights violations that occurred before the coming into operation of the Law. The SCA acknowledges the response by the HRCSL that in principle it can intervene in cases of alleged human rights violations that are continuous in nature. 

“Article 11 of the enabling Law provides for pluralism among the Executive Board of the FIHR in terms of gender, language, and professional background. The law is, however, silent on pluralism in terms of other aspects of the Belgian society. 

The SCA recommends that the FIHR advocates for the formalization of processes that ensure that the principles of pluralism and diversity are reflected in its composition and/or work. The SCA further recommends that the FIHR take steps to ensure that these principles are implemented in practice. 

The SCA emphasizes that pluralism refers to broader representation of national society. Consideration must also be given to ensuring pluralism in the context of ethnicity, minority status, and persons with disability. This facilitates its appreciation of, and capacity to engage on, all human rights issues affecting the society in which it operates. In addition, it promotes the accessibility of the NHRI. 

The SCA refers to Paris Principle B.1 and to its General Observation 1.7 on ‘Ensuring pluralism of the NHRI’”