“The SCA has been informed that the DPNA has taken actions presenting draft bills before the Parliament’s Bicameral Commission of the Defensoria to amend its enabling law to explicitly include the promotion mandate. The SCA is also aware that this proposal was not considered by the Bicameral Commission of the Defensoria of Parliament, who stated that since the DPNA has constitutional rank, a constitutional reform is required to explicitly include the promotion mandate. 

In practice, the DPNA states that it undertakes promotional activities. The SCA is of the view that an NHRI should have as broad mandate as possible which is to be set forth in a constitutional or legislative text and should include both the promotion and protection of human rights. 

The SCA recommends that the DPNA continues to advocate for the explicit inclusion of the promotion mandate in the Argentinian normative framework. In the meantime, the SCA encourages the DPNA to continue interpreting its mandate broadly. 

The SCA refers to Paris Principles A.1, A.2 and A.3 and to its General Observation 1.2 on ‘Human Rights Mandate’.”