“The SCA welcomes that the DIHR reports that the Ministry of Finance has approved the transition from operating appropriations to reservation appropriations, and that this will enhance its financial autonomy and independence. 

The SCA notes that the DIHR receives 18.4 million USD for international work and 4.6 million USD for national work. 

The SCA understands that, outside of its core budget provided by the State, the DIHR receives funding from various and diverse sources to carry out specific projects. At the session, the DIHR reported that it receives funding, for example, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and development agencies. 

The SCA notes that where, an NHRI receives funding from external sources, such funds should not be tied to donor-defined priorities but rather to the pre-determined priorities of the NHRI. The SCA is of the view that to do otherwise has the potential to impact on the real or perceived independence of the NHRI. 

Accordingly, the SCA encourages that the DIHR to provide additional information about the sources of funding it receives, how it determines its priorities in relation to this funding, and what safeguards it has put in place to ensure that the receipt of this funding does not impact on its real or perceived independence and the ability to freely determine its own priorities.”