“At its November 2016 session, the SCA re-iterated its 2011 recommendation that the CHRAGG consider seeking an amendment to its legislation to provide that the term of its commissioners be at least three (3) years and not more than seven (7), with the option to renew once.

An appropriate minimum term of appointment is crucial to promote the independence of the membership of an NHRI, and to ensure the continuity of its programs and services. An appointment period of three (3) years is considered the minimum that would be sufficient to achieve these aims.

The SCA acknowledges that the CHRAGG reports that, in practice, the term of appointment of its members is automatically renewed. However, the SCA encourages that a term of between three (3) and seven (7) years with the option to renew once be provided for in the NHRI’s enabling law.

The CHRAGG also informed that during the Constitutional review process a staggered process where Commissioners are appointed and leave office at different intervals was considered to ensure continuity. The SCA encourages the CHRAGG to continue advocating for an amendment of its enabling Act to provide for a term of office of between three (3) and seven (7) years, renewable once.”