“In November 2016, the SCA noted that the most recent annual report for the CHRAGG that is publicly available was for 2010-2011. 

The SCA acknowledges that the CHRAGG has published special reports on various human rights issues and is currently preparing consolidated annual reports for 2012-2016. The CHRAGG informed that, for reasons beyond its control, its current reports have not yet been tabled by the Minister of Constitutional Affairs before Parliament and, consequently, have not been made public. 

The SCA emphasizes the importance for a NHRI to prepare, publicize and widely distribute an annual report on its national situation with regard to human rights in general, and on more specific matters. This report should include an account of the activities undertaken by the NHRI to further its mandate during that year and should state its opinions, recommendations and proposals to address any human rights issues of concern. 

The SCA considers it important that the enabling laws of an NHRI establish a process whereby the Institution’s reports are required to be widely circulated, discussed and considered by the legislature. It would be preferable if the NHRI has an explicit power to table reports directly in the legislature, rather than through the Executive, and in so doing to promote action on them. 

Where an NHRI has made an application for accreditation or, re-accreditation, it will be required to submit a current annual report, that is, one from the preceding year’s reporting period. The SCA finds it difficult to assess the effectiveness of a National Institution and its compliance with the Paris Principles in the absence of a current annual report. 

The SCA acknowledges that the CHRAGG reports that it will ensure that all overdue reports are tabled in the next Parliamentary session. The CHRAGG further reports that it will continue to advocate for changes to its enabling law to enable its annual reports to be debated in Parliament. 

The SCA encourages the CHRAGG to seek a solution to ensure its annual reports are tabled in Parliament, made public as soon as possible, and in doing so to promote action on them. 

In the interim, the SCA encourages the CHRAGG to release additional public reports to inform the public about the situation of human rights and the activities of the CHRAGG.”