“The SCA acknowledges that the DPS has addressed in its annual and thematic reports a wide range of human rights issues such as migrant’s rights, women’s rights, children’s rights, racial discrimination, sexual and gender-based violence and housing. In accordance with the law, the DPS annual report is presented to Parliament. The Law does not include a process which requires Parliament to discuss and consider the reports.

 The SCA notes that annual, special and thematic reports serve to highlight key developments in the human rights situation in a country and provide a public account and public scrutiny, of the effectiveness of an NHRI. The reports also provide means by which an NHRI can make recommendations to government and monitor respect for human rights.

 The SCA recommends the DPS to advocate for amendments to its law to explicitly establish a process whereby its reports are to be widely circulated, discussed and considered by the legislature.

The SCA refers to Paris Principle A.3 and to its General Observation 1.11 on ‘Annual reports of NHRIs’.”