“Section 150 of the Crown Entities Act requires the NZHRC to prepare and present an annual report at the end of each financial year to the Minister of Justice, who will present it to Parliament.

The SCA notes that the NZHRC has repeatedly advocated for a change in its legal status to be considered as a Parliamentary Office. This will enable it to establish a direct reporting line to the legislature, rather than, as an Independent Crown Entity, through a Government minister.

An NHRI should be given the legislative authority to table its reports directly to the legislature rather than through the Executive and, in so doing, to promote action on them. The legislature should be required to discuss and consider the reports of the NHRI, to ensure that relevant public authorities properly consider its recommendations.

The SCA encourages the NZHRC to continue advocating for the appropriate amendments to its enabling legal framework to allow the direct tabling of its annual report before Parliament.”