“The PDDH reports that it has received a significant number of complaints since the beginning of the State of Emergency. However, the SCA notes that the PDDH follows up on complaints by issuing public statements. Where an NHRI has been provided with a mandate to receive and consider complaints alleging violations of human rights, an NHRI should ensure that complaints are dealt with fairly, transparently, efficiently, expeditiously, and with consistency. In order to do so, an NHRI should: 

  • ensure that its facilities, staff, and its practices and procedures, facilitate access by those who allege their rights have been violated and their representatives; and 
  • ensure that its complaint-handling procedures are contained in written guidelines and that these are publicly available. 

In fulfilling its complaint-handling mandate, it should be provided with the necessary functions, resources, and powers to adequately fulfil this mandate. This may include the ability to seek an amicable and confidential settlement of the complaint through an alternative redress process. 

The SCA recommends that PDDH ensures its complaints are handled fairly, speedily and effectively through processes that are readily accessible to the public.”