“Articles 16 and 45 bis 16 of Royal Decree No. (57/2022) and the updated Internal Regulations provide that the OHRC prepares and submits its annual report to the Sultan. The OHRC reported that, in practice, its annual reports are published throughout the country including with the Shura Council. The OHRC also indicated that meetings are held with officials of the Council to discuss specific issues of human rights concerns.

 The SCA notes that the Decree and the Regulations do not provide for the OHRC to submit its annual report to the Shura Council nor establish processes whereby the Council must consider and debate it. The SCA considers it important that the enabling law of an NHRI establish a process whereby its reports are required to be discussed and considered by the parliament, to ensure that relevant public authorities properly consider its recommendations. It is preferable for the NHRI to have an explicit power to table reports directly in the parliament rather than through the Executive and, in so doing, to promote action on them.

The SCA encourages the OHRC to advocate for the appropriate amendment to its enabling law to provide for the tabling of its reports directly to the Shura Council to establish a process whereby the legislature must discuss and consider them.

 The SCA refers to Paris Principle A.3, and to its General Observation 1.11 on ‘Annual reports of NHRIs’.”