“Article 9 of the Law states that the CNDH shall prepare an annual report on the human rights situation in Chad. The report shall be shared with the President of the Republic and the Speaker of the National Assembly and disseminated. The report is not discussed by Parliament.

The CNDH informed the SCA that due to internal issues, the 2022 annual report was not duly published and debated by Parliament. The CNDH further notes that the new board of commissioners is planning to ensure that the 2023 report will be debated by Parliament. The SCA is of the view that it is preferable for an NHRI to have the explicit power to table reports and have these reports debated directly in the legislature.

The SCA recommends that the CNDH advocate for amendments to its law to establish a process for Parliament to consider and debate its reports. The SCA refers to Paris Principle A.3 and to its General Observation 1.11 on ‘Annual reports of NHRIs’.”