“The DPP has been entrusted with the mandate of National Preventive Mechanism under OPCAT and Independent National Monitoring Mechanism under the CRPD. However, the SCA notes that the DPP has not received additional funding despite the expansion of its mandate. 

Further, the DPP reports that, as it is currently operating under a program of austerity, it is unable to fill vacancies in its staff as they arise, and that 90% of its overall budget is required to cover core expenses for staff salaries, pension and office rent. 

While the DPP reports that it has received a slight increase in its annual budget for 2016, the SCA is concerned that this is not sufficient to ensure the DPP’s ability to continue to carry out its expanded mandate in an effective and sustainable manner. 

The SCA emphasizes the importance of the State providing adequate core funding. This promotes the independence of the NHRI by allowing it to freely determine its priorities and effectively fulfil its mandate. In particular, adequate funding should, to a reasonable degree, ensure the gradual and progressive realisation of the improvement of the organizations operations and the fulfilment of its mandate. Provision of adequate funding by the State should, as a minimum, include the allocation of a sufficient amount of resources for mandated activities. Where the NHRI has been designated with additional responsibilities by the State, additional financial resources should be provided to enable it to assume the responsibilities of discharging these functions.”