“The SCA acknowledges that the OCHR has provided information regarding its cooperation with civil society organizations in practice.

The SCA further notes that its level of cooperation with some public and local authorities could be improved.

The SCA is of the view that regular and constructive engagement with all relevant stakeholders is essential for NHRIs to effectively fulfil their mandate. Broad engagement with all stakeholders improves the effectiveness of an NHRI in implementing its mandate to promote and protect human rights by providing a better understanding of:

  • the breadth of human rights issues across the state;
  • the different impacts of such issues based on social, cultural, geographic and other factors;
  • gaps and priorities;
  • and implementation strategies.

NHRIs should develop, formalize and maintain working relationships with other domestic institutions established for the promotion and protection of human rights, including civil society organizations.

The SCA encourages the OCHR to enhance and formalize relationships and cooperation with other domestic human rights stakeholders, including civil society organizations and human rights defenders, particularly in relation to groups in vulnerable position.”