“In March 2014, the SCA noted that the CHRAJ did not publish its annual report in a timely manner. The CHRAJ reports that its annual report of 2016 has been completed but not yet published nor tabled before Parliament, and that the annual reports of 2017 and 2018 are being developed.

While acknowledging that the CHRAJ reports that the delay in publishing its annual reports has been due to a lack of adequate funding, the SCA reiterates its previous recommendations and stresses the importance for a NHRI to prepare, publicize and widely disseminate an annual report on its national situation with regard to human rights in a timely manner. Annual, special and thematic reports serve to highlight key developments in the human rights situation in a country and provide a means by which a NHRI can make recommendations to, and monitor respect for human rights by government.

The SCA takes note of the commitment of the CHRAJ to complete and publish its pending reports, and encourages it to ensure that its annual reports are finalized in a timely manner, are tabled and discussed in Parliament, and are distributed publicly.”