“The SCA acknowledges that the Ombudsman has produced reports and statements, and has made recommendations to relevant authorities. It encourages the Ombudsman to continue and to expand upon these activities, and to increase the visibility of the institution and promote its accessibility for all people in Uzbekistan.

In that regard, the SCA emphasizes the importance of ensuring that its reports and recommendations are made publicly available. Prior to and during the SCA session, the website of the Ombudsman was unavailable as a result of maintenance to upgrade the site. The SCA encourages the Ombudsman to ensure that this situation is remedied as soon as practicable.

Annual, special and thematic reports of NHRIs serve to highlight key national human rights concerns and provide the means by which these bodies can make recommendations to, and monitor respect for human rights by public authorities.

In fulfilling its protection mandate, an NHRI must not only monitor, investigate and report on the human rights situation in the country, it should also undertake rigorous and systematic follow-up activities to promote and advocate for the implementation of its recommendations and findings, and the protection of those whose rights were found to be violated.”