“The SCA notes that the AIHRC has not advocated for the abolition of death penalty but has advocated for its limitation, as well as rights to a free and fair trial. The SCA takes note of the AIHRC’s advocacy, and encourages it to take such actions as necessary to ensure respect for all human rights, 

“The SCA is of the view that publicly available information raises serious concerns with respect to the continued compliance of the AIHRC with the Paris Principles, including concerns about its inability to fulfil its mandate. 

The SCA emphasizes that in the situation of a state of emergency, it is expected that an NHRI will conduct itself with a heightened level of vigilance and independence, and in strict accordance with its mandate. NHRIs are expected to promote and ensure respect for human rights, democratic principles, and the strengthening of the rule of law in all circumstances and without exception. In situations of conflict or a state of emergency, this may include monitoring, documenting, issuing public statements and releasing regular and detailed reports through the media in a timely manner to address urgent human rights violations.”