“The enabling law of the NNHRI is silent on the ratification or accession to international human rights instruments. The SCA acknowledges that the NNHRI is interpreting its mandate broadly and that it undertakes this role in practice.  

The SCA emphasizes that encouraging the ratification of, or accession to international human rights instruments, and the effective implementation of international human rights instruments to which the state is a party, is a key function of an NHRI. The Paris Principles further prescribe that NHRIs should promote and encourage the harmonization of national legislation, regulations and practices with these instruments.  

The SCA considers it important that these duties form an integral part of the enabling legislation of an NHRI. In fulfilling this function, the NHRI is encouraged to undertake activities which may include the following:  

  1. Monitoring developments in international human rights law; 
  1.  Promoting State participation in advocacy for and the drafting of international human rights instruments; 
  1.  Conducting assessments of domestic compliance with and reporting on international human rights obligations, for example, through annual and special reports and participation in the Universal Periodic Review process.  

The SCA reiterates its previous recommendation that the NNHRI advocate for amendments to its enabling legislation to provide the NNHRI with an explicit mandate to encourage ratification or accession to international human rights instruments.”