“The SCA reiterates its October 2021 recommendation: “In accordance with Section 69(C)(1) of the Act for the purposes of an investigation, a person authorized in writing by the NIHRC may enter a specified place of detention in Northern Ireland on one or more occasions during a specified period. While the SCA notes that the NIHRC can enter only for the purposes of a specific, time-limited formal investigation – for which the terms of reference must be published and open to legal challenge – it encourages the NIHRC to continue to advocate for being able to conduct ‘unannounced’ visits as this limits opportunities for detaining authorities to hide or obscure human rights violations and facilitates greater scrutiny. 

 Reiterating its previous concern from 2011 and 2016, the SCA encourages the NIHRC to continue to access all places of deprivation of liberty, including without prior notice. It further encourages the NIHRC to effectively monitor, investigate, and report on the human rights situation in a timely manner, and to undertake systematic follow-up activities and advocate for the consideration and implementation of its findings and recommendations in order to ensure the protection of those detained.”