“Section 5 of the NHRC Act empowers the NHRC to monitor and investigate human rights violations and make appropriate recommendations. In addition, section 22 of the NHRC Act provides that the awards and the recommendations of the NHRC shall be recognized as binding and be enforced upon application to Court. 

The NHRC states that it has made recommendations to Parliament, the National Police Service, the Nigerian Armed Forces, and relevant ministries, departments, and agencies including in the context of countering insurgency and insecurity in Nigeria. The NHRC also reports that, in practice, its annual report is discussed by the Human Rights Committee of the National Assembly. 

The NHRC further states that it is engaging stakeholders to develop a practice note on the enforcement of the NHRC recommendations and awards on human rights violations in line with section 22 of the NHRC Act to be issued by the Chief Justice to relevant heads of court. 

Annual, special, and thematic reports of NHRIs serve to highlight key national human rights concerns and provide the means by which these bodies can make recommendations to, and monitor respect for human rights by, public authorities. 

In fulfilling its protection mandate, an NHRI must not only monitor, investigate, publish, and report on the human rights situation in the country, it should also undertake rigorous and systematic follow-up activities to promote and advocate for the implementation of its recommendations and findings, and for the protection of those whose rights were found to be violated. 

Public authorities are encouraged to respond to recommendations from NHRIs in a timely manner, and to provide detailed information on practical and systematic follow-up action, as appropriate, to the NHRI’s recommendations. 

The SCA recommends that the NHRC conduct follow-up activities to monitor the extent to which its recommendations have been implemented. 

The SCA encourages the NHRC fully implement section 22 of the NHRC Act in order to strengthen the follow-up and implementation of its recommendations. 

The SCA refers to Paris Principles A.3(a), C(c), and D(d) and to its General Observation 1.6 on ‘Recommendations by NHRIs’ and General Observation 2.9 on ‘The quasi-judicial competency of NHRIs (complaints handling).”