“The SCA notes that the NZHRC has been advocating to strengthen its mandate in relation to the rights of Indigenous Peoples through the following measures:

– the establishment of a Human Rights Commissioner for Indigenous Peoples’ rights and the human rights dimensions of Te Tiriti o Waitangi; and

– amendments to the Act by including the promotion of the human rights dimensions of Te Tiriti o Waitangi as a primary function under Section 5(1) and by establishing Indigenous Peoples’ rights as a priority area under Section 8(1A).

NHRIs should be legislatively mandated with specific functions to both promote and protect all human rights. An NHRI’s mandate should be interpreted in a broad, liberal, and purposive manner to promote a progressive definition of human rights which includes all rights set out in international, regional, and domestic instruments, including economic, social, and cultural rights.

The SCA encourages the NZHRC to continue advocating for appropriate amendments to its enabling law and for the establishment of a new Human Rights Commissioner on this thematic area. The NZHRC is also encouraged to continue its work to ensure that the human rights of Indigenous Peoples in New Zealand are adequately and effectively promoted and protected.”