“The existing enabling legal framework is silent with regard to the pluralism and diversity of members and staff of the NHRC.

The SCA further notes that the NHRC reports that the recruitment of its staff is based on merit and professional background in human rights rather than on diversity and pluralism.

The SCA notes that, at present, only three (3) of the fourteen (14) NHRC members are women. The SCA further emphasises that pluralism refers to broader representation of national society. Consideration must be given to ensuring pluralism in the context of gender, ethnicity or minority status. This includes, for example, ensuring the equitable participation of women in the NHRI. This facilitates its appreciation of, and capacity to engage on, all human rights issues affecting the society in which it operates. In addition, it promotes the accessibility of the NHRI.

The SCA encourages the NHRC to advocate for the inclusion in its enabling law a requirement that its members and staff be reflective of the principles of pluralism and diversity.”