“While acknowledging the NHRCM Civil Society Council is currently composed of representatives from a wide range of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the SCA notes that this does not ensure pluralistic representation of ethnic or religious minority groups or other particular groups in its composition of Council members. While the Council plays an important role in the work of the NHRCM, there should also be provisions to ensure that the leadership of the NHRCM itself is as diverse as the society it serves.

The SCA notes the ongoing process to draft new regulations for the Civil Society Council. The SCA encourages the NHRCM to seize this opportunity by enhancing diversity and pluralism in its composition and the composition of the Council. Pluralism and diversity facilitate the appreciation of, and capacity to engage on, all human rights issues affecting the society in which an NHRI operates. In addition, it promotes the accessibility of the NHRI for all people in Mongolia.”