“The SCA acknowledges that the OPA has engaged with the international human rights system to a substantial degree, and that it is in the process of establishing a specialised unit to monitor the compliance by the State with its international human rights obligations. 

The SCA encourages the OPA to continue its engagement with the international human rights system, and to strengthen its ability to do so by advocating for additional resources. 

The SCA recognizes that monitoring and engaging with the international human rights system, in particular the Human Rights Council and its mechanisms (Special Procedures and Universal Periodic Review) and the United Nations Human Rights Treaty Bodies, can be an effective tool for NHRIs in the promotion and protection of human rights domestically. 

The SCA highlights that effective engagement with the international human rights system may include: 

– submitting parallel or shadow reports to the UPR, Special Procedures mechanisms and Treaty Bodies; 

– making statements during debates before review bodies and the Human Rights Council; 

– assisting, facilitating and participating in country visits by United Nations experts, including special procedures mandate holders, treaty bodies, fact finding missions and commissions of inquiry; and 

– monitoring and promoting the implementation of relevant recommendations originating from the human rights system. 

In considering its engagement with the international and regional human rights systems, the OPA is encouraged to actively engage with the OHCHR, GANHRI, ENNHRI, and other NHRIs, as well as international and national NGOs and civil society organizations.”