“According to Article 15 (1) of the INCHR Law, the Chairperson and Commissioners shall hold office for a period of six years and five years, respectively. The INCHR Law is silent on the number of times the Chairperson and the Commissioner can be re-appointed, which leaves open the possibility of unlimited tenure. The SCA acknowledges information from the INCHR that in practice the Chairperson and the Commissioners of the INCHR can be appointed twice. The SCA notes that an appropriate minimum term of appointment is crucial in promoting the independence of the membership of the NHRI, and to ensure the continuity of its programs and services. As a proven practice, the SCA encourages that a term of between three (3) and seven (7) years with the option to renew once be provided for in the NHRI’s enabling law. The SCA recommends that the INCHR advocate for amendments to its enabling law to provide for term limits for the Chairperson and Commissioners.”