The Constitution and EO 163 are silent on the requirement for the CHRP to produce annual and other reports, and on the method of tabling and publicizing such reports. In practice, the CHRP prepares annual reports on the situation of human rights and distributes these reports to regional offices for public dissemination, and to government offices, as well as the Congress, and the department of budget and management. 

The SCA considers it is important that the enabling law of an NHRI establish a process whereby the Institution’s reports are required to be widely circulated, discussed, and considered by the legislature. 

It would be preferable if the National Institution has an explicit power to table reports directly in the legislature, rather than through the Executive, and in doing so to promote action on them. 

The SCA further notes that Section 33 of the proposed CHR Charter would allow the CHRP to directly submit its annual report to the Office of the President, and the House of Representatives and the Senate. Section 33 notes further that the relevant Committees in both Houses of Congress shall review and consider the recommendations in these reports in a public meeting. 

The SCA is of the view that this proposal, if passed in its present form, would address its previously stated concerns. The SCA therefore recommends that the CHRP continues to advocate for the passage of the above provisions in the proposed CHR Act. 

The SCA refers to Paris Principle A.3 and to its General Observation 1.11 on ‘Annual reports of National Human Rights Institutions’.