“The SCA notes that, prior to its November 2017 session, the SCA received extensive information from various civil society organizations which indicated that the relationship between the NHRCI and civil society is not effective or constructive, particularly with respect to ongoing dialogue and follow-up on issues raised. 

In describing its engagement with civil society, the SCA notes that the NHRCI relies to a substantial degree on its Core/Expert Groups as the mechanism for engagement. However, the SCA has received information from civil society at both its November 2016 session and its November 2017 session that these mechanisms are not functioning effectively as a means of engagement and cooperation between the NHRCI and civil society. 

The SCA again highlights that regular and constructive engagement with all relevant stakeholders is essential for NHRIs to effectively fulfil their mandates. The SCA encourages the NHRCI to take additional steps to ensure that it engages in ongoing, constructive dialogue and cooperation with civil society and human rights defenders and that this should include regular and ongoing modes of collaboration outside of the Core/Expert Groups.”