“The SCA received a third-party submission indicating that the relationship between the NHRC and civil society is not effective or constructive, particularly with respect to collaboration through its core group on non-government organisations (‘NGOs’) and human rights defenders (‘HRDs’).  

The SCA acknowledges the response of the NHRC that it collaborates with civil society including conducting open hearings along with HRDs and NGOs. The NHRC reports that it has now reconstituted its Core Group of NGOs and HRDs.  

The SCA reiterates that regular and constructive engagement with all relevant stakeholders is essential for NHRIs to effectively fulfil their mandates. The SCA recommends that the NHRC takes additional steps to ensure constructive engagement and cooperation with civil society and HRDs, and that this should include regular modes of collaboration outside of the Core/Expert Groups.  

The SCA refers to Paris Principle C(g) and to its General Observation 1.5 on ‘Cooperation with other human rights bodies’.”