“The SCA notes that there is gender imbalance in ICHR staff composition. Currently, only 36% of staff are women, and all regional managers are men. While the SCA appreciates that a gender audit was recently carried out, it encourages the ICHR to implement the recommendations of this audit to address the gaps in order to better represent the society it serves. The SCA acknowledges also that in vacancy announcements, women, persons with disability and representatives of minorities are encouraged to apply.

Pluralism and diversity in the membership and staff of an NHRI facilitates its appreciation of, and capacity to engage on, all human rights issues affecting the society in which it operates. In addition, it promotes the accessibility of the NHRI for all people in Palestine.

Pluralism refers to broader representation of national society. Consideration must be given to ensuring pluralism in the context of gender, ethnicity, or minority status. This includes, for example, ensuring the equitable participation of women in the NHRI.

The SCA encourages the ICHR to continue to take steps to ensure pluralism, including appropriate gender balance, in its staff component.”