“The SCA notes that the ICHR receives the majority of its core funding from international donors under a three-year Joint Financial Agreement with a Donor Consortium. This funding is renewed periodically, following an independent review of ICHR operations. The SCA notes that the Government provides only a small percentage of the ICHR’s budget, and that it has regularly failed to honour its contribution.

The SCA notes that funding from external sources should not compose the core funding of the ICHR, as that is the responsibility of the Government. However, the SCA recognizes the need for the international community, in specific and rare circumstances, to continue to engage and support an NHRI in order to ensure it receives adequate funding until such time when the State will be able to do so. In such unique cases, NHRIs should not be required to obtain approval from the State for external sources of funding, which may otherwise detract from its independence. Donor funding should not be tied to its defined priorities but rather to the predetermined priorities of the NHRI.

The SCA emphasizes that, to function effectively, the State must provide its NHRI with an appropriate level of funding in order to guarantee its independence and its ability to freely determine its priorities and activities. It must also have the power to allocate funding according to its priorities. In particular, adequate funding should, to a reasonable degree, ensure the gradual and progressive realization of the improvement of the institution’s operations and the fulfilment of its mandate.

Government funding should be allocated to a separate budget line applicable only to the NHRI. Such funding should be regularly released and in a manner that does not adversely affect its functions, day-to-day management and retention of staff. The SCA acknowledges the efforts of the ICHR to advocate for stable government funding. It encourages the ICHR to continue its efforts in this regard.“