“Section 24.1 of the GIHR Statutes outlines how members of the Board of Trustees are selected and appointed through a number of different appointing bodies, including the General Assembly, Federal Parliament, and representatives of civil society organisations or Non-Governmental Organizations. While the SCA acknowledges that the process is carried out with ‘the principles of broad publication of vacancies, transparency and participation’, it is of the view that providing for the different entities to select members according to their respective rules of procedure may result in each designating entity using different selection processes.

 The SCA recommends a consistent, transparent, merit-based, and broadly consultative selection process for all relevant entities. Furthermore, the process led by the Federal Parliament does not allow for the advertisement of vacancies. The SCA is of the opinion that advertising vacancies broadly maximises the potential number of candidates, thereby promoting pluralism. The assessment of applicants on the basis of pre-determined, objective, and publicly available criteria promotes the merit-based appointment of candidates, limits the capacity for undue interference in the selection process, and serves to ensure the appropriate management and effectiveness of the NHRI.

 The SCA encourages the GIHR to advocate for the formalization and application of a consistent and uniform process that includes requirements to:

  • Publicize vacancies broadly; and
  • Assess applicants on the basis of pre-determined, objective and publicly available criteria.”