“The NCHR Law requires Parliament to approve any grants and donations received by the NCHR from a foreign body. The NCHR reports that it enjoys a cordial relationship with Parliament and that there has never been a case of grants being refused, including the grant from the European Union. 

The SCA notes that an NHRI should not be required to obtain approval from the State for external sources of funding, as this requirement may detract from its independence. To function effectively, a 

national human rights institution must be provided with an appropriate level of funding in order to guarantee its independence and its ability to freely determine its priorities and activities. 

The SCA therefore recommends that the NCHR advocates for an amendment to its law to remove the requirement for Parliament’s approval before receiving external funding. 

The SCA refers to Paris Principle B.2 and to its General Observation 1.10 on ‘Adequate funding.’”