“The SCA received information which raises concerns regarding the effectiveness of the NCHR in dealing with serious human rights issues, including torture, enforced disappearances and the protection of human rights defenders. The SCA notes that the NCHR reports to undertake various actions to address serious human rights issues in Egypt, including with respect to enforced disappearances and the closure of media outlets. 

The SCA encourages the NCHR to strengthen its efforts to address all human rights violations. The SCA further encourages the NCHR to ensure that its positions on these issues are publicly made available, as this will contribute to the credibility and accessibility of the institution for all people in Egypt. 

With respect to the NCHR position on the death penalty, the SCA encourages it to promote the abolition of death penalty in line with the requirements of the Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The SCA further encourages the NCHR to advocate for the ratification of the Second Optional Protocol. 

NHRIs are required to promote and ensure respect for all human rights, democratic principles and the strengthening of the rule of law in all circumstances, and without exception. Where serious violations of human rights are imminent, NHRIs are expected to conduct themselves with a heightened level of vigilance and independence. 

In fulfilling its protection mandate, an NHRI must not only monitor, investigate and report on the human rights situation in the country, it should also undertake rigorous and systematic follow-up activities to promote and advocate for the implementation of its recommendations and findings, and the protection of those whose rights were found to be violated.”