“The SCA notes that the CNIDH’s budget for 2017 was not released. While the CNIDH reports that this situation has since been resolved, the SCA emphasizes that, to function effectively, an NHRI must be provided with an appropriate level of funding in order to guarantee its independence and its ability to freely determine its priorities and activities. Such funding should be regularly released and in a manner that does not impact adversely on its functions, day-to-day management and retention of staff.

The SCA further notes that the CNIDH was designated as NPM under OPCAT in late 2018. The SCA emphasizes that, where an NHRI has been mandated with additional responsibilities, including as the NPM, it must be provided with the adequate funding to effectively fulfil these duties.

The SCA encourages the CNIDH to continue to advocate for adequate funding to effectively carry out its expanded mandate, including as the NPM.”