“The CCDH does not have full-time remunerated members on its decision-making body.

The SCA acknowledges that the CCDH reports that the Secretary General, who acts in a full-time and remunerated capacity, is also involved in the strategic planning and execution of the activities. However, the SCA reiterates that the enabling law of an NHRI should provide that members of its decision-making body include full-time remunerated members. This assists in ensuring:

a) the independence of the NHRI from actual or perceived conflicts of interest;

b) a stable tenure for members;

c) regular and appropriate direction for staff; and

d) the ongoing and effective fulfillment of the NHRI’s functions.

The SCA encourages the CCDH to advocate for changes to its enabling law to provide for remunerated full-time members in its decision-making body.”