“In accordance with the current ‘Regulations for the Election of the National Commissioner for Human Rights,’ the Multiparty Committee of the National Congress, comprised of the President of the Congress and representatives of Parliamentary groups, carries out the selection process by evaluating candidates and issuing a short list to the Plenary of the National Congress for the final selection of the Commissioner of the CONADEH.

The SCA is of the view that the process currently enshrined in the Regulations is not sufficiently broad and transparent. In particular, it does not:

 · specify the process for achieving broad consultation and/or participation in the application, screening, selection and appointment process.

The SCA encourages the CONADEH to advocate for the formalization and application of a process that includes requirements to:

  1. Publicize vacancies broadly;
  2. Maximize the number of potential candidates from a wide range of societal groups and educational qualifications;
  3. Promote broad consultation and / or participation in the application, screening, selection and appointment process;
  4. Assess applicants on the basis of pre-determined, objective and publicly-available criteria; and
  5. Select members to serve in their individual capacity rather than on behalf of the organization they represent”