“According to Article 14.3 of the enabling Law, women must account for at least 30% of the members of the Commission. However, among the current 15 members appointed by the President of the Republic, only three are women, or 20%.

The SCA welcomes the advocacy by the CHRC to achieve the quota of 30% women Commissioners. It also welcomes the CHRC’s further advocacy for an amendment to the law to ensure that women must account for at least 50% of the membership of the Commission. Pluralism refers to broader representation of national society. Consideration must be given to ensuring pluralism in the context of gender, ethnicity or minority status. This includes ensuring the equitable participation of women in the NHRI. The SCA encourages the CHRC to continue to advocate for women to account for at least 30% of the membership, as per Article 14.3 of the Law, and to continue to advocate for an amendment to this specific provision of the law to increase women representation to 50%.

 The SCA refers to Paris Principles B.1 and to its General Observation 1.7 on ‘Ensuring pluralism of the NHRI’.”