“The SCA notes that, based on Article 44 of the enabling law, police officers from the General Delegation for National Security are assigned to the Head Office and all regional offices of the CHRC to ensure their protection. While the SCA acknowledges that there are situations in which police protection may be required, it also highlights that it is critical for an NHRI to be accessible to all groups and that the presence of police may compromise the perceived independence of the Institution and risk deterring complainants. This is particularly important when an NHRI, such as the CHRC, has a mandate to address and prevent torture by detaining authorities.

The SCA notes that a means of increasing the accessibility of NHRIs to vulnerable groups is to ensure that their premises are neither located in wealthy areas nor in or nearby government buildings, and that this is particularly important where government buildings are protected by military or security forces.

The SCA encourages the CHRC to ensure that its security measures do not limit the accessibility of its premises. The SCA refers to Paris Principle B.2 and to its General Observation 1.10 on ‘Adequate funding of NHRIs’.”