“The IHROBH reports that it has made various recommendations through its advice, annual, and thematic reports. However, the SCA notes there has been inadequate response to its recommendations by relevant State authorities. In fulfilling its mandate, an NHRI should undertake rigorous and systematic follow-up activities to promote and advocate for the implementation of its recommendations and findings, and the protection of those whose rights have been found to be violated. Public authorities are encouraged to respond to recommendations from NHRIs in a timely manner, and to provide detailed information on practical and systematic follow up action, as appropriate, to the NHRI recommendations.

The SCA recommends that the IHROBH continue to conduct follow-up activities to monitor the extent to which their recommendations have been implemented, including through its Special Report on the Implementation of IHROBH Recommendations.

The SCA refers to Paris Principles A.3(a), C(c), and D(d), and to its General Observation 1.6 on ‘Recommendations by NHRIs’.”